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Adding value to your everyday life.
Our Products
Our Products

Our products and services give us the competitive edge to continually innovate and raise the bar in order to deliver outstanding service and world-class products to you, our most valued asset. In keeping with this, our products are designed around adding value to your everyday life, giving you that crucial edge to make your life simpler, better and more convenient.

Personal Assistance Products

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Telephonic support that covers your emergency assistance, medical and counselling needs as well as HIV support and treatment benefits.

Tools you need to manage your credit status and opportunities including a monthly credit report, credit score information and dispute resolution.

Formal debt counselling and telephonic advice to help you get out of debt and achieve financial freedom.

A medical information hotline and discounted access to a national network of doctors, dentists and optometrists.

A host of benefits for your home. Whether you need a plumber, an electrician, a handy man or relocation assistance, SafeBase has you covered 24/7.

One-one-one telephonic tutor assistance covering all major subjects for secondary school learners.

Telephonic advice from expert financial advisors on a wide range of personal finance topics.

A reliable drive-me-home and road cab service that ensures that you arrive at your destination safely.

Technical Products

The mobile guardian that offers a safe and secure child tracking service, giving peace of mind to parents.

I.T. support heroes on call to fight your tech battles for you. We’ll access your device remotely and ensure that your tech troubles are resolved, no matter where you are.

Secure cloud storage for PCs, Macs, Smartphones and Tablets.

Smart Security for your mobile device. Remotely track, alarm and wipe your Android or iOS mobile device at the click of a button.

Lifestyle Products

Content at its best. Update your preferences and access the latest news, trending videos, games and more, curated for you.

A digital reading experience which gives you access to over 60 magazines. Enjoy the all-time favourites you’ve come to know and love, and discover new content, anywhere, anytime.

Exclusive access to discounts and benefits from our lifestyle partners, nationwide.

Access to over 22 million local and international music tracks, charts, playlists and more. Simfy is there to keep the beat going.

Discounted access to the latest and greatest in music, movies, games and hardware.

Access to more than 2 200 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide using high-speed internet at competitive prices.

Vision partners with Showmax to provide an online video on demand service, offering the best international series and blockbusters as well as exclusive access to local content.

Road Products

Expert legal representation and claims management for all claims from the Road Authorities including pothole damage cover.

Legitimate and secure fines management including reminders, an online payment facility and legal assistance in reducing fines.

Stress-free scratch, dent and chip repair with a three-year guarantee, keeping your car in showroom condition.

Roadside assistance, emergency medical assistance, licence disk renewals and traffic fine management. SOS Squad is always on hand to help.